Los Angeles – the end … special thanks.

October 16, 2017. The drivers brought their cars to the harbour of LA where they are now waiting to be shipped back to Europe next weekend. We expect the cars to be back in about 1 month. Below some pictures.

When the drivers returned, Randy, Sharon and Dale invited us to go for some sightseeing. Chris, Jo, John, Cris and I gladly accepted the invitation while the others stayed at the swimming pool of the hotel or went to the beach.

After an excellent lunch (for me nearly the best in 4,5 weeks …) we went to Newport. On the first picture below, from the left to the right : Dale, John, Chris, Jo, Randy, Cris and Sharon.

Second, third and fourth picture : we spotted some seals !

After an icecream Randy took us to his place in Laguna beach where we watched the sunset. We all agreed : this was a beautiful end of a wonderful roadtrip.

We went back to the hotel where nearly all participants had gathered. A last meeting to thank some fantastic people we got to know the last 4,5 weeks (sorry if I forget some …) :

Kris Brickman and his wife for having helped us out with a spare engine when Luc and Katleen’s car broke down the 2nd or 3rd day of our trip. The chance of having a whole engine available was so little but Kris had one. We had to stay at their place from 7PM till after 3 AM but in the end we got the new engine up and running. Thank you very much Kris and Erica !

Sam Girgis : thanks for having invited us on the race track in Joliet and for the lunch.

Also special thanks to Brent and Kat from the Borgward Owners Club of America for having helped us with the planning of our roadtrip and their 29th US Borgward meeting.

George and Kathleen Ormsby from Canada and Dick Livant for the fact that they went to Newark when the cars arrived from Europe. They helped to start the cars and drive them off the ship.

Thank you also John from the UK Club for his continuous technical expertise and support.

Thilo from the German club was a tremendous help with the organization of the shipping of the cars from Europe to the USA and back to Europe.

Jo and Chris from Belgium were always ready to help with the repairs when several cars had a minor (and less minor) technical problem. Their support and positive attitude was a bless for many of us. Thank you boys 😉

Randy, Sharon and Dale from the USA have become dear friends : they joined us from Chicago all the way to LA (Dale and Sharon with a trailer) so that, in case of an “unfixable” issue, we could trailer the car to our next hotel or a garage. We (Luc and Katleen, Chris and Jo, Cris and me) have travelled with them every day since Chicago and we had a wonderful time !

About 5 years ago Cris had this crazy idea of driving on “The Motherroad” with his Borgward. It took him a while to convince me but when I saw the enthusiasm of all the participants from several countries, I gradually started to think it might be fun. However, I was convinced that not all cars would make it. I was not alone I heard. But well : all cars made it, we had a lovely time, met several wonderful people from Belgium, Germany, UK, Luxemburg, USA, Canada!

In short : if I could chose I would do it all over again. Our trip might even have lasted longer for many amongst us.

Below some pictures of our last evening together.

And yes, we have started making plans for some new trips … Below one already : a beer route through Belgium ! The names of the beers start with the letters of “Borgward”. There are also plans for a European roadtrip in 2019 and … a China tour in 2021.

As soon as we have more news on the new trips that we are planning, you will be able to read it on our website : http://www.borgwardclubbelgie.net.

Hope you enjoyed reading about our adventures on this blog !



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