Route 66 : Santa Barbara, CA. – Los Angeles, CA.

October 15, 2017. After having said goodbye to the members of the American Borgward Club, we set off to our final destination : Los Angeles.

We took the Pacific Coastal Highway (PCH). Lovely beaches !

in the pictures below : Ines and me, Jo, Sharon, and in the last picture in the front : John, Eddie, Rita, Cris, Colin, Keith and Randy, in the back Jo and Chris.

We continued on the PCH and soon we arrived at Santa Monica, the end of Route 66 and also of our adventure. Below pictures of the Santa Monica Pier where the Route 66 oficially ends.

Off to our last hotel in LA where we will stay for 2 nights.

At the bar … where we actually also started our roadtrip 4 weeks ago, in New York.

First picture, from Belgium : Jo, Katleen, Luc, Chris and Luc. Second picture, the British having dinner : Eddie, Colin, John, Keit and Colin. Third picture, from Germany : Armin, Schorsch, Heinz, Anne and Sigi.

Tonight (LA time, so early in the morning in Belgium),we are expecting a call from the Flemish radio station, Radio 2 Oost Vlaanderen. They heard about our crazy trip and want to have an interview with Cris for their morning show on the radio.

Tomorrow the drivers are bringing their cars to the harbour of LA and we expect the cars to arrive in Europe in about 1 month.


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