Route 66 : Barstow, CA – Santa Barbara, CA

October 12, 2017. We had no internet for the last 3 days so there is a small delay with the date of our blog. Seems the hotel we were in, blocked the blog and also the website if the Belgian Borgward Club. No idea why.

Anyway, last Thursday morning we left Barstow to head to our next hotel in Santa Barbara where we would attend the 29th meeting of the Borgward Owners Club of America. Brent from the USA Club joined us from Barstow all the way to Santa Barbara.

It was a nice ride and we stopped  at “bottle farm”. Crazy people to do this. Must be the sun and the heat ..

Once we arrived at the San Bernardo pass, we decided to put Vincent’s car in the trailer as the temperature of his car was rising too high.

We continued our scenic drive …

And when we were over the pass we unloaded Vincent’s car. However, Luc then said something was wrong with his car. And what do the British do when a car breaks down ? They decide it’s time to have a cup of tea ! Katleen in the meantime enjoys the sun.

Problem solved and off again, until Vincent’s car broke down: his car was leaking water and it appeared the rubber hoses had to be replaced.


Half an hour later, back on the road. Hoping we would soon see the Pacific Ocean.

And then it was there : we had made it ! From the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean, in a bit more than three weeks all 13 European Borgward cars made it, from coast to coast.





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