Route 66 : Kayenta, AZ. – Page, AZ.

October 7, 2017. Again an early start as we have a long road ahead of us.

We checked out from the hotel and headed to Monument Valley. After that we went to the Lower Antelope Canyon. Finally, our aim was to watch the sunset over the Horseshoe Bend.

3 words to describe what we saw today : breathtaking, magnificent, spectacular !

First stop : Monument Valley.




Actually only Randy and Jo and Chris decided to drive through Monument Valley. The  road was quite bad so Luc and Cris decided to leave their Borgwards on the parking lot and we went into Dale’s and Ron’s (modern) car.

We all took hundreds of photos as you can see below. Funny sight …


Time also for a group photo. You will recognise from the left to the right : Dale, Don, Ines, Thilo, Jo, John, Randy, Chris, me, Cris, Katleen, Luc and Daniel.


Some more amazing photos at Monument Valley. Halfway our visit Gunter joined us in the park.




We spent several hours in Monument Valley and left shortly after noon to go the the Lower Antelope Canyon : magnificent !



On the first picture, from the left to the right : Jo, Luc, Katleen and Chris.

On the other pictures:  Sharon, Randy.  Group pictures of our American fellow travellers Dale, Sharon and Randy. There is also a picture of Ines, Cris and me and John stepping out of the canyon.



It was time to leave the canyon and go the Horseshoe Bend in order to watch the sunset. We did not make it in time as it was too late already to catch the sunset but the view was still spectacular.



Another wonderful day !

Tomorrow we are going to Las Vegas. Will be awkward to stay right next to the hotel where the massacre happened last weekend.










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