Route 66 : Phoenix, AZ. – Williams, AZ

October 5, 2017.

While the majority of our group enjoyed a day off at the swimming pool yesterday, Cris and I spent a lovely day with Erico, an old friend of mine, and his family. Was wonderful to see them again after more than 3  years !

This morning we left Phoenix to continue our roadtrip to Williams, Arizona, a drive of nearly 500 km. We took the highway and stopped after an hour or so to check on the brakes of Chris’s and Jo’s car. They were getting too warm . Problem quickly fixed though. Getting really experienced here !  Also quick check on the car of Luc and Katleen.

Cris found a shorter road so we took an exit … and ended off road again. Another beautiful drive, however with a lot of dust ! In the second picture you’ll see a lot of dust. Luc, Katleen, Chris and Jo are somewhere “hidden in this cloud” … The cars used to be clean now there is dust and sand everywhere ! But it was fun 😉

We arrived on Route 66. Some crazy people riding their bike …

Just after lunch, we arrived at Seligman, birthplace of the Historic Route 66 Association of Arizona. On the 1st picture below : Luc and Katl

At 4 PM (extremely early for us) we checked in into the hotel and went to the city Williams.  Nice, though quite touristic. On the 3rd picture, from the left to the right : our niece Ines who landed 2 days ago and joins us now till LA, Cris, Chris, Luc, Katleen and Jo.

Back in our hotel. From the left to the right : Randy, Eddy, Keith, Dale, Günter, Jo, Chris and myself.











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