Dear friends, Welcome to our new blog! In September 2017 the Borgward Club Belgium is going on tour. 4 cars are going to the USA on the Route 66 and two is going to China. We will regularly post messages and pictures from our amazing trips so do follow us. The China tour takes place... Lees verder →

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Los Angeles – the end … special thanks.

October 16, 2017. The drivers brought their cars to the harbour of LA where they are now waiting to be shipped back to Europe next weekend. We expect the cars to be back in about 1 month. Below some pictures. When the drivers returned, Randy, Sharon and Dale invited us to go for some sightseeing.... Lees verder →

Route 66 : Santa Barbara, CA. – Los Angeles, CA.

October 15, 2017. After having said goodbye to the members of the American Borgward Club, we set off to our final destination : Los Angeles. We took the Pacific Coastal Highway (PCH). Lovely beaches ! in the pictures below : Ines and me, Jo, Sharon, and in the last picture in the front : John,... Lees verder →


Route 66 : Santa Barbara

October 13 - 14, 2017. On Friday morning we had a short drive through the hills of Santa Barbara. There were in total 29 Borgwards from Europe and the USA. First time the Borgward Owners Club of America had that many cars on their meeting ! After the trip we had brunch near the beach.... Lees verder →


Route 66 : Barstow, CA – Santa Barbara, CA

October 12, 2017. We had no internet for the last 3 days so there is a small delay with the date of our blog. Seems the hotel we were in, blocked the blog and also the website if the Belgian Borgward Club. No idea why. Anyway, last Thursday morning we left Barstow to head to... Lees verder →


Route 66 : Kingman, AZ. – Barstow, CA.

October 12, 2017. Following our check out from the hotel, we set off to Barstow. On our way to Barstow we stopped at Crazy Ray's place ...   From Crazy Ray we took the scenic road to Oatman. Below pictures of Oatman, the donkeys and the old hotel. The hotel was full with 1 dollar... Lees verder →


Route 66 : Las Vegas, NV. – Kingman, AZ.

October 10, 2017. We left Vegas to continue our trip on Route 66. The first and only stop actually was Hoover Dam. The construction of the dam started in 1931 and was completed in 1936. The dam was named after the 31st president of America and was the largest of its kind at that time.... Lees verder →


Viva Las Vegas !

  October 9, 2017. Kitsch en decadentie ten top !  


Route 66 : Page, AZ. – Las Vegas, NV.

October 8, 2017. Las Vegas : here we come ! Our routing of about 273 miles (approx. 440km) brought us first to Zion National Park. We did not really visit the park due to lack of time but we drove through it and stopped at several spots. Some nice views below.   Then off again... Lees verder →


Route 66 : Kayenta, AZ. – Page, AZ.

October 7, 2017. Again an early start as we have a long road ahead of us. We checked out from the hotel and headed to Monument Valley. After that we went to the Lower Antelope Canyon. Finally, our aim was to watch the sunset over the Horseshoe Bend. 3 words to describe what we saw... Lees verder →


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